Guitar Amps & Speaker Cabs

Guitar amplifiers. Choose between combo and head + cabinets. Solid-state or tube? Modeling amps can do both.

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  1. Tone King Royalist Head MKIII Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 33,956.09
    In stock
  2. Friedman JEL 112 Guitar Cabinet
    SEK 8,510.03
    In stock
  3. Friedman JEL-20 Head Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 20,668.92
    In stock
  4. DV Mark Raw Dawg EG 250 Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 6,661.58
    In stock
  5. Mooer Hornet 15i Intelligent Amp Black
    SEK 1,884.45
    In stock
  6. Mooer SD30i Intelligent Amp
    SEK 3,444.82
    Ask for availability
  7. Mooer Hornet 05i Bluetooth Amplifier
    SEK 1,560.37
    In stock
  8. Marshall DSL5 1x10 Combo Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 5,149.22
    Ask for availability
  9. Friedman Pink Taco V2 Head Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 20,752.94
    Ask for availability
  10. Victory Super Sheriff VS100 Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 27,870.64
    Ask for availability
  11. Victory Sheriff 25 Guitar Amplifier
    SEK 16,719.98
    In stock
  12. Bogner 112C Closed Back Guitar Cabinet
    SEK 10,058.40
    Ask for availability
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