Groove Tubes SUB-928 PR Power Reducer

Converts 8-Pin 6L6, EL34, 6V6 Tubes for 9-Pin EL84 Tubes, For Class A/B Amps, Reduces Power, Attain Distortion with Lower Volume
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Groove Tubes 928-PR Power Reducer is an 8-pin to 9-pin adapter for the use of EL-84 tubes in an octal socket. This converts class A/B amplifiers to class A for lower power.

An adapter which allows class A/B amplifiers such as Marshall and Fender, to replace their output tubes with the EL-84 tube, and operate in class A. This reduces the power of the amplifier. In the case of a 100 watt amp, the output will be about 40 watts. In a typical 50 watt amp, the power will be about 20-25 watts.

These are used in pairs or quads, not individually. These are NOT for use in Class A amplifiers. For Class A amplifiers, please use the 928, not this 928-PR.

These will reduce the load on your power transformer, and allow your amp to reach distortion, with a nice AC-30 or EL-84 sound and feel at levels that are lower and more friendly to recording and venues where your amp will not feel, play, or distort at the amplifier's normal higher sound levels.

Dimensions - tube tip to amp chassis requires 4 1/4".

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