Victory VC35 The Copper Deluxe Combo Guitar Amplifier

Made in the UK. Handmade High Quality Boutique Tube Amp, Switchable Power 35/12W, 1 Channel with Wide Range of Gain & Tone Options, Valve-Driven Tremolo and Spring Reverb, 4x EL84 Power Amp Tubes, External Bias Adjustment, 3-Band EQ with Mid Boost Switch, Bass Cut Option, Series Effects Loop, Weight 22.3 kg, Includes Two Footswitches, Includes Slip Cover, Copper Brown Finish
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22 991,45 kr

Victory VC35 The Copper Deluxe Combo is an EL84-based amp with unique tone and a specific kind of high-end response that differs from any other Victory amps. It delivers a plethora of timeless British-inspired pop, rock and roots tones, wide range of clean and crunchy sounds and plenty more that will keep the higher gain fans happy as well.

The VC35 builds on a modified late 1950s amp sound, brought to the 21st century. It uses a mix of fixed and cathode bias in full-power mode and is cathode biased in low power. There’s also a NOS EF184 pentode valve in a cathode-follower configuration to drive the tone stack in the preamp.

The Victory VC35 comes with a 2-button footswitch, a padded carry bag and is finished in stunning metallic copper. Also available a matching brown vinyl-covered 2x12 vertical speaker cab, Victory V212-VB.

Plenty of Gain Options​
You can dial in sparkly, chiming cleans right through to heavy gain rock sounds all from one knob. It’s very interactive with the tone controls, then balance to taste with the master volume.

Valve-Driven Spring Reverb
Considered to be a sonic step up from digital reverb for many. Dreamy ’verb here we come! Footswitchable on and off.

Valve-Driven Tremolo

Achieve wonderfully evocative pulses from slow and throbbing to fast and staccato rhythms. Footswitchable on and off.

Mids for Voicing
Victory included a mid boost switch to add bite and overdrive for rich, vocal lead tones.Try it with the bass cut and plenty of gain for classic rock soloing bliss.

Series Effect Loop
If you’re running the VC35 gainy, your time-based effects – reverb and delay – will stay cleaner sounding here. For classic clean tones, run effects into the front.

Sculptable Low End
A rotary pot and bass cut switch give you the control to dial in anything from skinny British ’60s pop jangle, to full and fat, modern boutique tones.

High & Low Power
35 watts/full power is great for punch and headroom; 12 watts low power gives less volume, more compression and a different harmonic and dynamic response.

External Bias Test & Adjustment
When it’s time to change your EL84 output valves, you can test and adjust the bias for the replacements quickly and safely.

Made in the UK
Power: 35/12W RMS
Power Tubes: 4x EL84
Preamp Tubes: 2x 12AX7, 1x EF184
Channels: 1
Speakers: 1x12” Celestion G12 Alnico Gold
Controls (Top Panel): Master, Tone, Tremolo Depth, Tremolo Speed, Reverb, Treble, Middle, Mid Boost, Bass, Bass Cut, Gain
Controls (Rear Panel): Power On/Off Switch, Bias Adjustment
Inputs: 1x 6.3mm Instrument In, 1x Effects Loop Return, Footswitch (Double Latching), Footswitch (Single Latching)
Outputs: 1x 6.3mm Effects Loop Send
Speaker Outputs: 5x 6.3mm Jack, 4 / 8 / 16 Ohm
Finish: Copper Brown, Leather Corners, Carrying Handle on Top
Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 250 x 453 mm
Weight: 22,3 kg
Includes Slip Cover, 1-button Footswitch (FX Loop On/Off) and 2-Button Footswitch (Tremolo On/Off, Reverb On/Off)

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