Direct boxes, footswitches and pedals to control your amps or other equipment.

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  1. Roland DP-2 Sustainpedaali
    247,09 kr
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  2. Stagg SDI-ST 2-Channel Passive Direct Box
    471,71 kr
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  3. Source Audio Tap Tempo Switch
    505,40 kr
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  4. BOSS FS-5U Foot Switch
    595,26 kr
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  5. Roland DP-10 Sustainpedaali
    628,95 kr
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  6. BOSS FS-5L Foot Switch
    673,88 kr
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  7. Mooer Expline Expression Pedal
    763,73 kr
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  8. BOSS FS-7 Dual Foot Switch
    965,89 kr
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  9. BOSS FS-6 Dual Foot Switch
    1 033,28 kr
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  10. RAPCO Horizon DB-1 Passive Direct Box
    1 111,90 kr
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