Tools for singers, speakers, rappers and metal growls!

Choose from a wide variety of microphones for all situations. We recommend the highly trusted, high quality Audix Microphones for live and studio use. We also have vocal effects processors, microphone stands, music stands and other accessories for vocalists.

The right microphone for you?

Handheld microphones are the most typical tools for vocalists. Select the right polar pattern and microphone type and you’ll get the most out of your live performances as well as studio recordings. For speakers, lavalier or headworn microphones are the best hands-free solutions. Ask us for more information!

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  1. BOSS Acoustic Singer Live Amplifier for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals
    Special Price 6 598,37 kr Regular Price 7 118,18 kr
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  2. KM 27105 Black Microphone Stand
    477,37 kr
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  3. KM 210/9H Chrome Microphone Stand
    731,98 kr
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  4. KM 210/9M Black Microphone Stand
    731,98 kr
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  5. Shure EAC64CL Earphones Cable, Clear
    371,29 kr
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  6. AKG C214 Condenser Microphone
    3 277,96 kr
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  7. AKG P220 Condenser Microphone
    1 792,80 kr
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  8. BOSS DB-90 Dr Beat Metronome
    1 750,37 kr
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  9. AUDIX AP41 Band E Wireless System
    4 253,93 kr
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