Bogner 412 Uberkab Kitarakaappi

412STUBER, Huippulaadukas 4x12" kaiutinkaappi, Made in USA, Suora alakaappi, Suljettu rakenne, 2x Celestion Vintage 30 + 2x Celestion G12T75 elementtiä ristikkäin, Sopii erinomaisesti Bogner Uberschall -nupille, Musta, Kantokahvat sivuilla, Paino 41,75 kg, Pyörät mukana
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13 312,70 kr

Bogner's 4x12 Uberkab is perfectly matched for the thunderous Uberschall amplifiers. This 4x12" straight front speaker cabinet features a black front speaker grill with silver piping and a combination of front loaded Celestion Vintage 30's and G12T75's speakers in a criss-crossed X-pattern wired at 16 ohms. This supreme combination unleashes the fury of these amps thunder by maximizing the low end with the great cutting power of the midrange and highs.

The standard Bogner 4x12" cabinet, with Vintage 30's, also sounds great with the Uberschall but Bogner wanted to offer a cabinet that was fine-tuned for the head.

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