EMG BQC System

High Quality Bass EQ System for EMG Active Pickups, Solderless Quick Connectors, 3-Band EQ, Includes 1x Balance (Blend), 1x Master Volume, 1x Bass/Treble Concentric Pot, 1x Mid-Range Concentric Pot with Variable Mid Frequencies,+-12dB Boost/Cut, Incl. Accessories
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EMG BQC System is a complete control system for bass guitars. Active Balance, Master Volume and EQ circuits are included. The EQs allow you separate control over bass, midrange, and treble all via 2 concentric/stacked pots. Rotate the control clockwise to boost, counterclockwise to cut. There is a center detent for flat response. The mid-range control has a variable frequency knob that allows you to sweep through the mid-frequency range from 100Hz to 1KHz. This selects the frequency to boost or cut.

More Info:

Active Balance Control (B118)

The ABC Control is designed for EMG Active Pickups. It allows loss-free balance between two pickups and has a center detent for the middle position. If you are using EMG-HZ Passive pickups, or other passive pickups you will want to use the B125 Active Balance Control which features buffered inputs for passive high impedance pickups.

BQC Control 3-band equalizer for Bass guitar

The BQC features dual-pole filters for broadband equalization. The primary feature of the BQC System is the variable mid-range frequency selection from 100 to 1KHz along with boost or cut of the chosen frequency. An additional feature of the BQC Control is a 2-position dip-switch that controls the slope of the high frequency response. By choosing one of the four combinations the high frequency response can be tailored to your liking.


  • 1x EMG BQC Mid-Range Control Concentric Pot
  • 1x EMG BQC Bass-Treble Concentric Pot
  • 1x EMG ABC Control Balance/Blend Pot
  • 1x Master Volume Pot
  • 1x Output Jack
  • 1x Battery Buss
  • 1x Battery Clip
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