Italy-based Markbass is known worldwide for its compact, lightweight and very powerful bass amps & cabinets. Innovative design, great power output, lightweight neodymium speaker elements and smart controls are what makes bass players regard Markbass as the #1 on the market today. The wide selection offers the right gear for practice, live gigs and studio use.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest Markbass reseller in Finland.

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  1. MARKBASS MB58R CMD 121 Pure Bass Amplifier
    SEK 13,171.63
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  2. MARKBASS MB58R CMD 102 Pure Bass Amplifier
    SEK 13,687.50
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  3. Markbass MB58R 121 Pure 8 Ohm Bass Cabinet
    SEK 7,130.34
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  4. Markbass MB58R 102 Pure 8 Ohm Bass Cabinet
    SEK 7,692.06
    In stock
  5. Markbass CMD 102P IV Bass Amplifier
    SEK 11,360.39
    In stock
  6. Markbass Mini CMD 121P IV Bass Amplifier
    SEK 9,801.35
    In stock
  7. Markbass Mini CMD 151P IV Bass Amplifier
    SEK 11,360.39
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