ProCo is well known for the legendary RAT Distortion pedal but also manufactures other popular effects pedals, cables, DI boxes and accessories for musicians. Their cable line-up includes easy-on-the-pocket LifeLines Series and the high-quality, low-noise Excellines and StageMaster Series.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest ProCo reseller in Finland.

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  1. ProCo Rat 2 Distortion Overdrive Effects Pedal
    Specialpris 836,53 kr Ordinarie pris 880,56 kr
  2. PROCO Turbo RAT distortion säröpedaali
    Specialpris 1 548,06 kr Ordinarie pris 1 629,54 kr
  3. ProCo Excellines EG-1 välijohto 0.30m
    Specialpris 84,61 kr Ordinarie pris 89,07 kr
  4. ProCo EGL-10 Excellines Instrument Cable Sraight-Angle 3m
    Specialpris 146,15 kr Ordinarie pris 153,84 kr
  5. ProCo Excellines EBPBQXF-5 Balanced Cable 1.5m
    Specialpris 207,69 kr Ordinarie pris 218,62 kr
  6. ProCo Excellines BPBQXM-20 Balanced Cable 6m
    Specialpris 284,61 kr Ordinarie pris 299,59 kr
  7. ProCo Excellines BPBQBQF-5 Balanced Cable 1.5m
    Specialpris 422,16 kr Ordinarie pris 444,33 kr
  8. ProCo Excellines BPBQXF-20 Balanced Cable 6m
    Specialpris 317,30 kr Ordinarie pris 334,00 kr
  9. PROCO IPMB2Q5 Excellines Y-johto 1.5m
    Specialpris 423,07 kr Ordinarie pris 445,34 kr
  10. ProCo Excellines BPBQBQF-10 Balanced Cable 3m
    Specialpris 443,32 kr Ordinarie pris 466,59 kr
  11. ProCo Excellines IPBQ2R-5 Insert Patch Cable 1.5m
    Specialpris 376,01 kr Ordinarie pris 395,75 kr
  12. ProCo SEG-186 StageMASTER Instrument Cable 5.6m
    Specialpris 124,09 kr Ordinarie pris 130,57 kr
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Artiklar 1-12 av 72

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