Seymour Duncan Vintage Flat Strat SSL-2 Guitar Pickup

Seymour Duncan
11201-03, SSL2, High Quality Single Coil Stratocaster Pickup for Guitars With Modern Fingerboard Radius & Lighter String Gauges, Period-Correct 1950s Sound, Alnico 5 Rod Magnets, Flat Poles, Handbuilt in USA, White Cover
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Seymour Duncan Vintage Flat Strat is a flat-pole version of Duncan’s Vintage Staggered for Strat. It delivers a shimmering tone for guitars with flatter fingerboards and lighter string gauges.

The Vintage Flat delivers all the chime and sparkle of the Vintage Staggered Strat model, but has flat alnico 5 rod magnets that provide a more even string balance for modern guitars with a larger neck radius, and players using lighter gauge strings. The flat poles also give this pickup a little less edge for an overall smoother tone.

Use a full set for a truly vintage vibe, or use in the neck & middle with a Custom Flat in the bridge for a more rocking setup.

Aside from the flat pole pieces, Duncan uses all of the same materials to build these as they do with their vintage Fender style single coil pickups. They start by assembling the bobbins with the proper color and thickness of Forbon flatwork, and hand file the flatwork, assemble, and lacquer our bobbins just as it was done during Fenders Golden Age. This pickup is potted and comes complete with waxed and tinned cloth pushback hook-up wires and traditional keyed bottom plate.


  • Stratocaster Type Single Coil Pickup
  • For 6-String Electric Guitars
  • Hand Built in USA
  • Alnico 5 Rod Magnets
  • Flat Pole Design
  • Cloth Push-Back Cable
  • Wax Potted for Squeal-Free Performance
  • White Cover
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BrandSeymour Duncan