Seymour Duncan Antiquity II P-Bass Bassomikrofoni

Seymour Duncan
11044-16, Antiquity Series, Precision Bass bassomikki, Uudelleentuotanto 1960-luvun alkupuolen Dual Coil mikistä, Alnico 5
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Early 60s P-Bass tone that laid down the soundtrack of a generation from Motown to the coasts.

Whether you intend on upgrading your new instrument or restoring a vintage axe, make your Precision Bass sound the way it was intended to with our Antiquity II P-Bass pickup. The seasoned Alnico 5 rod magnets and custom wind ensure the right balance of warm growl and articulate click perfect for classic rock, surf and staple R&B rhythms tones.

Hand made in our Custom Shop, the Antiquity for P-Bass uses hand-fabricated forbon bobbins, plain enamel mag wire, hand ground sand-cast magnets, brass bottom plate, and waxed cloth pushback wire. Each is lacquered and potted in lamp black paraffin wax like the originals.

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BrandSeymour Duncan
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