Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat Strat Set SSL-4 Guitar Pickups Set

Seymour Duncan
11202-03-CSet, SSL4 CAL SET(3), 6-String Guitar Single Coil Pickups, Twice the Power of Normal Single Coil, Fat & Punchy Tone, Includes 2x SSL-4 and 1x SSL-4 RwRp, Single Coil Stratocaster Pickups, Alnico 5 Rod Magnets, PVC Wire, Handmade in USA, No Cover, Black
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Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat Strat Set will transform any Stratocaster into a mean growling beast. These high output pickups will give you big, beefy chords, and single notes will jump out in a way that no other pickup can deliver.

The individually hand polished ¼” diameter alnico 5 magnets help to give it plenty of the high end sparkle and upper midrange harmonics that make this pickup so special. The middle pickup is RW/RP for noiseless operation in positions 2 & 4.

These bobbins are hand built, dipped in lacquer then wound and wax potted for squeal free performance. Seymour Duncan uses modern oval Forbon flatwork (non-triangular) which enables this pickup to fit into any guitar that is routed for single coils.


  • Single Coil Pickups Set
  • 2x Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat Strat SSL-4
  • 1x Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat Strat Middle RwRp SSL-4
  • For 6-String Guitars
  • Handmade in USA
  • Alnico 5 Rod Magnets
  • DC Resistance: 13.4
  • PVC Lead Wire
  • No Cover, Black
  • Wax Potted
  • Includes Mounting Screws
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