Finest quality electric guitars praised by guitarists and handmade in the US. Suhr guitars combine classic and modern looks with the best possible tonewoods, most wanted parts, unmatched playability and no-compromise finishes.

Also available: guitar pickups, effects pedals and Suhr Custom instruments tailor-made to your specs! Ask us for more.

Suhr players inlclude Pete Thorn, Mateus Asato, Scott Henderson and Michael Landau, to name a few..

Musamaailma is the official Suhr Distributor in Finland and features the largest selection of Suhr products in the area.

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  1. Suhr SSH+ Bridge 53 Black Guitar Pickup
    Special Price 1 401,31 kr Regular Price 1 557,01 kr
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  2. Suhr Asatobucker Bridge 50 Nickel Chrome Guitar Pickup
    Special Price 1 736,83 kr Regular Price 1 929,81 kr
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  3. Suhr Classic S Antique IR HSS Olympic White Electric Guitar
    Special Price 32 555,70 kr Regular Price 36 173,00 kr
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  4. Suhr Discovery Analog Delay Pedal
    6 896,89 kr
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  5. Suhr MicroMIDI Control
    2 127,18 kr
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  6. Suhr Classic T IR SS Olympic White Electric Guitar
    Special Price 30 582,03 kr Regular Price 33 980,03 kr
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