Tanglewood Guitars makes the best-selling acoustic guitars in England. They manufacture a wide selection of instruments that offer exceptional value through design features, both traditional & contemporary usually found on instruments at much higher prices.

Tanglewood acoustic guitars are available with many wood & finishing options in different sizes, with pickups and cutaway design. They also have a wide selection of ukuleles and acoustic basses.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest Tanglewood reseller in Finland.

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  1. Tanglewood TWCR-DCE Electric-Acoustic Guitar
    SEK 2,890.05
    In stock
  2. Tanglewood TW45 H SR E Electric-Acoustic Guitar
    SEK 19,018.38
    Ask for availability
  3. Tanglewood TW45R VSE Electric-Acoustic Guitar
    SEK 13,436.39
    Ask for availability
  4. Tanglewood TSR2 C Acoustic Guitar
    SEK 24,751.86
    In stock
  5. Tanglewood TWTCP White Concert Ukulele
    SEK 675.90
    In stock
  6. Tanglewood TW1000 H SR Acoustic Guitar
    SEK 16,617.77
    In stock
  7. Tanglewood TWTCP Black Concert Ukulele
    SEK 675.90
    In stock
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