Mooer Reecho Pro Digital Delay Efektipedaali

Kuusi erilaista delayta, TAP-tempo, muistipaikat, 20 sekunnin looppi.
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Upeat ominaisuudet mm. kuusi erilaista delay-kaikua, TAP-tempo ym.

Reecho Pro

 After several years of repeated researches and efforts, we finally make a more powerful and charming pedals—TWIN Series.

Reecho Pro uses floating-point DSP chips, with new algorithm, therefore the tone is significantly improved. Reecho Pro assembles 6 delay effects and with Tap Tempo function which makes adjusting the delay time much more easier. From clean digital delay to psychedelic Galaxy Delay, we provide different musical styles with different delays choices. Moreover, we have provided three additional effects which can be added to the delay effects. Reecho Pro have separated dry and wet level control. It also equipped with high cut and low cut control, PINGPONG function, Loop function, stereo input and stereo output, preset saving function. No matter you use it in practicing or professional performance, Reecho Pro will give you a much wider space for your playing.

Functions: New algorithm, new technology, overall tone improvement

6 delay effects:

Digital Delay: Clean and clear digital delay

Galaxy Delay: Cut off the sound head of the effect tone, giving you an outer-space-like tone.

Analogy Delay: Warm, smooth analog delay.

Real Echo Delay: Simulate effects generated in the real environment.

Tape Echo Delay: Simulate effects generated by the old tape delay machine.

Tube Echo Delay: Tube-like sweet sounding effect.

Three additional effects:

Adds additional effects on the delay effect

Mod: Add chorus effect on the delay

Dynamic: Add dynamic to the delay

Reverse: Simulate the sound of a reversed tape

Loop recording function: Provided with 20 seconds recording time and there is no maximum overdub limits. It is equipped with two footswitches, which make recording an easy task.

DRY and WET Knob: DRY knob controls the volumn of the guitar sound and the WET knob controls the volumn of the delay effect.

HI CUT and LOW CUT Knob: These two knobs control the high and low frequency of the delay effect.

Stereo input and Stereo output and P.PONG function

Reecho Pro is equipped with Stereo input and Stereo output and P.PONG function, which can make the delay effect generated back and forth in two channels and therefore create a much wider stereo sound.

Trail ON/OFF function

Trail ON is the Buffer Bypass mode in which the delay effect will be held even if you turn off the delay effect. Trail Off is the True Bypass mode in which the delay effect will be immediately stopped when you turn off the delay effect.

Tone saving

To save your tone, simply press down two footswitches together and hold for 3 seconds or longer. To use your saved tone, simply press down two footswitches together again.

  • DC 9V Adapter Current Draw:210mA 
  • Solid metal shell design 
  • Specification Input: Two 1/4 Jacks (Impedance: 1M Ohms) 
  • Output: Two 1/4 Jacks (Impedance: 100 Ohms) 
  • Sampling Rate: 44.1K 
  • Sampling Accuracy: 32bit 
  • Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug) Current Draw: 210mA 
  • Dimensions: 106mm x 96mm x 53mm 
  • Weight: 440g
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