Mooer Free Step Wah Volume Pedal

Volume Pedal & Wah Pedal in One! 3 Operation Modes, Q Range Wah Tone Control, Minimum Volume Control 0-50%, Sturdy Metal Housing, Status LED, 9VDC
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Mooer Free Step brings together a vintage analogue Wah Wah and a very flexible volume control into one small, strong and comfortable expression pedal.

In Wah mode, you can activate the effect at the touch of your sole using Mooer’s innovative foot sensing circuit, or you can operate it using the more traditional ‘toe down’ footswitch method, allowing you to leave it cocked in any position you like as a filter. The custom inductor can be dialed in to your favorite Wah tone using the very convenient Q Range dial on the side of the pedal.

In Volume mode, the Free Step will stay faithful in retaining every nuance and detail of your tone. It’s smooth, seamless transition makes it a joy to use in any rig to control your volume. The heel down (minimum volume) can be easily adjusted and set anywhere in the range of 0%-50% using the handy min. vol. dial on the side of the pedal.

All of this is wrapped up into an incredibly strong and sturdy expression pedal which will survive for years and years of even the roughest use.

Mooer Free Step has 3 different operation modes: Wah (Sensor or Switch), Volume and Wah & Volume.

  • When using wah in sensor mode, simply place your foot onto the pedal to activate the effect and remove your foot to deactivate.
  • When using way in switch mode, lean forward and apply slight pressure to the front of the pedal to push the switch to activate and deactivate the effect. 
  • In volume pedal mode, Free Step behaves like a normal volume pedal. Minimum volume can be adjusted between 0-50% using the MIN VOL dial.
  • In Volume & Wah mode, the pedal acts as a volume and to switch the wah on/off, use the switch.


  • Application: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, etc.
  • Controls: Q Range (Wah Tone), Operation Mode Switch
  • Operation Mode LED (Volume = Blue, Wah = Red)
  • Inputs: 1x instrument input (1 MOhm)
  • Outputs: 1x instrument output (100 Ohm)
  • Power Supply: External 9VDC, Center Negative (Not included)
  • Current Draw: 70mA
  • Dimensions: (Width x Height x Depth) 73x53x155mm
  • Weight: 540g
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