Very popular Loota Percussion Cajon sets, hardware and drum pedals. Wide selection of handmade Istanbul cymbals with lots of sounds for different music genres. A wide selection of Regal Tip drumsticks and brushes.

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  1. Meinl SB402 Mallets, Hard Felt Head
    SEK 368.50
    In stock
  2. Artbeat Hickory American 2B Drumsticks Pair
    SEK 138.04
    In stock
  3. Rohema Poly Brush XL
    SEK 339.25
    In stock
  4. Stagg VS-L Vibraslap, large
    SEK 421.14
    Ask for availability
  5. Tama DS30 Dual Sided Beater
    SEK 374.34
    In stock
  6. Roland VMH-D1 Headphones
    SEK 2,409.87
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  7. SlapKlatz Mini Gel Pads 6-Piece Clear Damper Set
    SEK 116.99
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