Loota Percussion Piccolo Snare Wild Cherry

Loota Percussion
10” Piccolo Snare Drum, 100% Finnish Birch, Easy Mounting to Hi-Hat or Cymbal Stand, Designed in Finland, Wild Cherry Finish
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Loota Piccolo Snare is a handy 10-inch snare drum for Loota cajon set. It can be played e.g. with cajon brushes or rods. Can be mounted to a hihat or cymbal stand using a standard clamp & adapter.

What Loota?
Loota is a unique cajon-based drum set with tasty percussion sounds for all acoustic music needs. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around! Create punchy rhythms, add flavor to a larger composition or solo your heart out!

Loota is designed in Finland and made of 100% Finnish birch. Loota can be played with soft drumsticks or brushes. Just throw in a cable drum pedal and kick the cajon for bass!

Loota is a perfect drum set when you need quieter drum sounds or lighter touch on acoustic gigs.

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