Regal Tip 5AX But Naked Drum Sticks

Regal Tip
RW-205RX-BN, 0.560", 16.25", Natural No-Lacquer Surface, Medium Thin Neck, Short Slow Taper, Longer and Thinner Than Regular 5A, Oval Shaped Tip, Hickory, Pair
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Regal Tip 5AX But Naked: This drum stick offers everything you know and love about the 5AX's, minus the lacquer, providing a natural wood feel.  Longer and thinner than the traditional 5A, this stick sports a balanced feel and excellent articulation. Still the same great 5A, but just a bit longer and with satin surface.

  • Model: 205RX-BN
  • Diameter: 0.560"
  • Length: 16.25"
  • Oval shaped tip
  • Medium thick neck
  • Short Slow Taper
  • No Lacuqer
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