Istanbul Xist ION Brilliant Splash 12 Cymbal

XIONSPB12, Xist ION Series Cymbal with Brilliant Finish, Raw Attack, Splashy, Quick Decay
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863,82 kr

The symmetrically placed geometric holes give this splash a raw attack with a very quick decay. Great for accents, hand drumming or in a stack with other cymbals.

Xist Series cymbals are made of professional quality B20 bronze alloy containing 80% Copper and 20% Tin. The combination of modern and traditional production techniques with B20 gives Xist Series cymbals a wide tonal frequency.

  • Size: 12”
  • Type: Splash
  • Model: XIONSPB12
  • Series: Xist ION
  • Finish: Brilliant (Polished)
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