Seymour Duncan Antiquity Tele Set Guitar Pickups

Seymour Duncan
11028-22, Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, Handmade in USA, Totally Authentic Vintage Sound & Looks for Telecaster and Other 6-String Electric Guitars with Single Coils, Includes Antiquity Tele RwRp Neck & Bridge Pickups, Alnico 2 & Alnico 5 Magnets, Cloth Push-Back Cables, Aged Nickel Cover & Aged Black
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Seymour Duncan Antiquity Tele Set is designed to deliver all the vibe and musicality of vintage Telecaster pickups. The Antiquity Tele pickups have that classic twangy ’50s Tele lead tone - custom aged for a smoother treble response - combined with a ’50s Tele rhythm pickup’s well-rounded low end and nice sweet treble response.

The Antiquity Tele Lead will give you that early-’50s Tele tone, but with the high end sweetened by the custom-calibrated, hand-ground Alnico 2 rod magnets. What you get is the classic Tele twang and snap, but with a treble response that is bright but never piercing.

The Antiquity Tele Rhythm is a faithful reproduction of an early-’50s Tele neck pickup. The bass response is full and round, and will add richness to your chords, while the specially calibrated hand-ground Alnico 5 rod magnets and custom coil winding give the top end a smoother, more musical attack. It’s great for big, bold rhythm playing, and percussive enough for classic country-style chicken pickin’, with a reverse wound/reverse polarity design for hum-canceling when used in combination with the Antiquity Tele Lead pickup.

Like the originals, the ferrous bottom plates are not wax potted for that classic Telecaster tone that’s just on the verge of feedback. Each pickup is hand-fabricated and scatter-wound in Seymour Duncan Custom Shop, and all parts are aged to give the look and sound of a pickup that has been played for decades. Duncan uses vintage-style push-back cloth wire, a custom-aged, deep-drawn cover for neck models, and all Antiquity Tele vintage Telecaster pickups are lacquered and potted in lamp black paraffin wax, just like they were in the ’50s.


  • Passive Single Coil Pickups for 6-String Guitars
  • 1x Seymour Duncan Antiquity Tele Neck RwRp
  • 1x Seymour Duncan Antiquity Tele Bridge
  • Hand Built in USA
  • Alnico 2, Alnico 5 Magnets
  • DC Resistance: Neck 7.9, Bridge 6.5
  • Cloth Push-Back Cable
  • Nickel Silver Bottom Plate
  • Aged Nickel Cover & Aged Black
Mer information
BrandSeymour Duncan
TypeSingle Coil
Active / PassivePassive
PositionSet (Neck, Bridge)
MagnetAlnico 2, Alnico 5
DC Resistance7.9
Cable Type1-Conductor
Cover & ColorNickel Silver Cover