Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage Black Pedal

Seymour Duncan
11900-009B, High Quality Hi-Gain Tube Amp -Style Overdrive, Distortion, Boost, Made in USA, 3 Gain Stages, 3-Band EQ with Adjustable Mid, Versatile Controls, True Bypass, Full Metal Shell, Black
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Seymour Duncan Palladium Gain Stage pedal is the first stompbox that actually captures the feel and responsiveness of a high gain tube amp.

By focusing beyond just the tonal characteristics of Palladium, Seymour Duncan designed an innovative architecture that captures the full-bodied depth and character previously unattainable in an effects pedal.

You can use Palladium with a power amp or a clean guitar amp to create your ultimate high gain signature sound, and replicate your favorite high gain amp tones.

Or use it in front of a distorted amp to tighten up the attack for rhythms or to increase sustain and saturation for solos.

Palladium features three gain stages: a gain stage to control the overall saturation, a resonance control for low frequency gain shaping and a boost control that adds overdrive to the beginning of the signal path. These three gain stages allow for a versatile range of tones, from classic rock at lower settings to modern metal at higher gain settings.

The pedal also offers a comprehensive EQ, with bass, treble, presence and sweepable midrange-frequency control, so you can make Palladium sound perfect with any amp.

Available in Black and White.


  • Controls: Bass, Mid (Level + Freq), Treble, Presence, Level, Gain, Resonance, Boost
  • Switches: On/Off, Boost, True Bypass
  • Construction: Full Metal Shell
  • Inputs: 1x Instrument In
  • Outputs: 1x Instrument Out
  • Power Supply: 9-18VDC Power Supply
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