Vocal & Speech Microphones

Handheld microphones for vocals, rap, speaking etc.

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  1. Ibiza Sound PORT VHF Headset
    SEK 566.19
    Ask for availability
  2. Audio-Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphone
    SEK 1,143.93
    In stock
  3. Audix OM2 Vocal Microphone
    SEK 1,155.48
    In stock
  4. Audix OM2S Vocal Microphone with a Switch
    SEK 1,386.58
    In stock
  5. Audix ADX70 Surface Mount Condenser Microphone -28.65%
    Audix ADX70 Surface Mount Condenser Microphone
    Now Only SEK 1,409.69 Regular Price SEK 1,975.88
    In stock
  6. Audix OM3 Dynamic Microphone
    SEK 1,629.23
    In stock
  7. AKG C1000S MK IV Condenser Microphone
    SEK 1,791.00
    Ask for availability
  8. Audix OM3S Dynamic Microphon with a Switch
    SEK 1,860.33
    In stock
  9. Audix OM5 Dynamic Microphone
    SEK 1,975.88
    In stock
  10. AKG P220 Condenser Microphone
    SEK 2,079.88
    Ask for availability
  11. Audio-Technica BPHS1 Headset
    SEK 2,253.20
    In stock
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