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Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 Bridge Cream Kitaramikrofoni

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Seymour Duncan Antiquity P90 Bridge Cream Kitaramikrofoni
150,20 €


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Turun myymälä: Kysy saatavuus
Tukkuvarasto: Kysy saatavuus
11034-64, P-90 tallamikrofoni, Sopii suoraan P90-kokoisten soapbar-mallien paikalle, Kermanvärinen vintage-kuori
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Capture the cool, gritty sparkly from the bridge position of an old 52 Goldtop with our Antiquity P90 Soapbar.

Our Antiquity P90 Soapbar uses two specially calibrated alnico 2 bar magnets, and a custom coil wind to deliver the gritty, vintage correct growl of an early 50s Les Paul bridge pickup. Chords have a warm but sparkly midrange grit, and single notes jump out nicely without sounding harsh.

When you remove our hand aged soapbar cover, youll find the same hand fabricated bobbin, plain enamel mag wire, and flatback tape that was made in Kalamazoo during the early days.

This pickup is a drop-in replacement for any standard Gibson P90 sized soapbar route, and is available in black or cream aged covers.



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