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Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions regarding our return policy, warranty issues or other problems, first contact our Customer Service: Email or by phone +358 9 720 6060 (Mon-Fri 9 - 16:30).


All shown product prices include VAT (24%). Prices are valid in the online store only, unless otherwise stated. Musamaailma reserves the right to change these prices without prior notice. Musamaailma is not responsible for possible errors or misprints in online store prices. Musamaailma reserves the right to cancel an order if a price error is ”evident”. An evident price error means a pricing error where the product price differs considerably from the correct price of the product. If a pricing error occurs, the customer will be expected to acknowledge the incorrect pricing (e.g. zero priced products, decimal mistakes).


All products sold by Musamaailma have a warranty of one (1) year, excluding ESP Guitars electric guitars & basses and Tokai Japan guitars & basses that have a warranty of three (3) years.

Potentiometers, amplifier tubes, speaker elements and other consumables have a 60-day warranty from the date of purchase. Musamaailma will in no way be held responsible (financially or otherwise) for equipment that is damaged from the use of tubes or parts purchased from us. It is the responsibility of the customer to consult with our service department or the equipment manufacturer with regards to proper tube and parts replacement and proper biasing procedures. Warranty does not cover fault or damage caused by incautious or incorrect use of products. Please refer to the product manual or contact our Customer Service in case of uncertainty.

When sending your product to us for warranty service, always remember to attach a copy of the receipt with the product purchase date. Always contact our Customer Service in advance before sending a product for warranty service. Feel free to contact our Customer Service in all warranty issues.


Products purchased from the Musamaailma online store have a 14-day money back guarantee. If, for some reason, you wish to return the product(s) you have purchased, you should do so within 14 days of purchase. We will refund your purchase to a bank account or PayPal account of your choosing when the product has been returned and we have checked the condition of the product. Please be aware that we need to be informed about all product returns in advance.

PayPal Refund: If you return a product that was paid using PayPal, a 3,4% transactional fee charged by PayPal will be deducted from the refund.


If there is a fault or problem with the product(s) you have purchased from us, the first thing is to contact our Customer Service. We will then proceed and give instructions depending on the case.

Return Policy and full refund applies only if the product is returned unused, in its original condition and in its original packaging with all materials that came along with it, including manuals and accessories.

Please use caution when unboxing a product, since careless unboxing may damage the product and/or the package and other materials. The return rights do not apply to computer software, recordings or other sealed products if the product package has been opened or the seal has been broken.

When returning a product, please attach the original order number, your contact information and a bank account number for a possible refund. If you are returning a faulty product, please attach a description of the fault(s) you have found.

Returns from other EU countries and Scandinavian countries:

  • Returns from other EU countries and Scandinavian countries are handled via GLS shipping. We will order a GLS pickup to the customer’s given address. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide us with a correct address and to be available for product pickup.

  • Customer is responsible for any return shipping costs. The costs are based on current GLS pricing. We will provide the customer with an estimate of the return shipping costs beforehand.

  • Once the returned product has arrived to us, our team inspects the product and a refund will be made to a bank (or PayPal) account of the customer's choosing, actual return shipping costs deducted.


In our online store, you will find almost all models of all the brands we represent. Not all products are in stock at all times. When you order a product that is currently out of stock, we will contact you and inform you about the delivery time. If you think the delivery time is too long, we will propose a similar product with a shorter delivery time.

Some products, such as guitars with custom options, are so-called factory order products. These customized products, including ESP Custom Shop guitars & basses, may have a delivery time of 6 months or more from the order date.


If you live outside EU or Scandinavia and want to order our products, please contact our Customer Service. Listed delivery costs are only valid for deliveries within Finland, EU and Scandinavia. Delivery costs to other destinations are determined case by case.

According to mail-order terms and conditions, we don’t sell to customers under 18 years of age. If you are under 18 and want to order from our online store, please ask your custodial parent or legal guardian to place the order for you. Musamaailma reserves the right to decline an order if required.


Products ordered with any Klarna payment method can only be shipped to the same person whose details were provided to Klarna in the checkout process. Please note that we cannot accept a second shipping address or another person's shipping address for orders with Klarna.

Picking up orders paid with Klarna: The products will only be handed over to the same person whose details were provided to Klarna when ordering. The person's identity must be proven when picking up products. Please note that we do not accept a power of attorney (proxy letter) when picking up orders paid with any Klarna payment method.


Shopping in Musamaailma online store is safe and secure:

  1. Customer information you have given us during the purchase process is strictly confidential. We act in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We will not share, sell or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent, except where disclosure is necessary to enforce our rights, including under our Terms and Conditions of use or required or permitted by law.

  2. We only use known, trusted third parties for payment transactions, shipping and software solutions in our online store.

  3. We do not require registration or logging in to a user account before ordering.


If a product has been damaged or lost during delivery, or if it does not match your order in some other way, please report the problem within 14 days of purchase according to our return policy. If the product has been damaged in transport, you should promptly make a claim to the transport company and contact our Customer Service.