MARKBASS EVO1 Controller

MIDI Controller for Markbass EVO1 Bass Amp, 5 Switches, Channel Switch, FX On/Off, Boost On/Off, Tuner/Mute, Powered through MIDI Cable
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Markbass EVO1 Controller is designed specifically for the Markbass EVO1 bass amplifier. It allows to switch between CH1 / CH2 and MIX the two channels, turn on/off the FX1, FX2 and BOOST, plus accessing the TUNER with MUTE function pressing and holding the boost switch. The Markbass EVO1 can be controlled also via programmable MIDI pedalboard.


  • CH1 - MIDI program change #1
  • CH2 - MIDI program change #2
  • MIX - MIDI program change #3
  • FX1 - MIDI control change #1
  • FX2 - MIDI control change #2
  • BOOST - MIDI control change #3
  • (hold for mute/tuner) - MIDI control change #28


  • Switches: 5
  • Outputs: MIDI Out (DIN 5 poles, MIDI TX Channel #0)
  • Power: Phantom power via MIDI cable (Included)
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