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Long-Standing Expertise

Saito Guitars founder Masaaki Saito has been involved with guitars for a long time. He and a few other guitar luthiers started in Tokyo in 1991 by specializing in repairing and modifying guitars. Little by little, instrument stores in Tokyo started to use Saito's shop for servicing both new and used instruments. Saito's team specialized further into demanding repairs, maintenance and customizations. Their reputation as a no-compromise, high quality workshop grew.

Quality First

In 2013 Masaaki Saito and his team decided to expand their business to start manufacturing their very own guitars, establishing Saito Guitars. In 2014 the team moved to Kawaguchi in Saitama prefecture, a city north of Tokyo and started building their first guitar model, the S-622. Today the Saito Guitars selection has grown to include many different traditional and modern instruments with various options to customize them to each player's preferences.

Saito guitar bodies

Hand-Selected Tonewoods

Saito neck joint

Technical Excellence

Guitar details

Attention to Detail

Saytone pickups

Handwound Pickups


Functional Beauty

Saito Guitars aims to manufacture simple high quality instruments with functional beauty for demanding musicians. Top tier tonewoods are an essential Saito feature and each new instrument starts with hand-selecting the highest grade timber. The finished guitar is carefully set up, then allowed to settle for a few days and readjusted. Masaaki Saito and two other staff members inspect each guitar before shipping.

Saito S-622

Modern & Traditional Combined

Saito Guitars cleverly combines Japanese craftsmanship with modern technology. CNC router and CAD programming are done in-house without any third party involvement. Saito Guitars also does all the finishing touches, including paint, lacquer and other details. Saito's new facilities include a professional modern paint booth where extremely high quality finishes can be achieved.

See Our Selection

Saito instruments have attracted attention around the world and receive praise from musicians. Check out our selection below and choose your own guitar based on your preferences.

Saito S-622

Order Your Own

We aim to keep a range of Saito instruments in stock at all times. If your preferred model is currently out of stock, please do contact us - we will order the guitar you want and Saito Guitars will build it for you!

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  1. Saito S-622CS HSS Greige Guitar
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  2. Saito S-622CS HSS Maple Olive Gray Electric Guitar
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  3. Saito S-622TLC SS Alder Chamonix White Electric Guitar
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  4. Saito S-622TLC SS Ash Trans White Electric Guitar
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  5. Saito S-622CS HSS Shell Pink Electric Guitar
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  6. Saito S-622CS HSS Carrot Orange Electric Guitar
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  7. Saito S-622 HSS Black Electric Guitar
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