Istanbul Xist Dry Dark Splash 10 Cymbal

XDDSP10, XIST Dry Dark Series Effect Cymbal, Papery Thin, Explosive and Trashy Attack with Quick Musical Decay and Light Riding, Hand Hammered, Untreated Finish
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Istanbul Xist Dry Dark Splash 10” is a papery thin effect cymbal with a quick, trashy attack and fast decay. Also works well as stacked splash, hi hat stack or an alternate hi hat bottom.

The XIST Dry Dark Series Cymbals were created as a bridge between the acoustic and electric, organic and the electronic- a modular cymbal lineup designed to be uniquely expressive as individual pieces or in unique pairings and combinations.

Each cymbal exhibits a pointed attack with dark overtones and very quick decay and is soft and wobbly. Played alone they demonstrate a wide dynamic range and with organic, dark tones designed to not overpower other instruments. In combinations they can be uniquely percussive, modern and synthetic sounding.

A great compliment for traditional straight ahead jazz, synth based music and modern, progressive jazz and many other genres.


  • Size: 10”
  • Type: Splash
  • Model: XDDSP10
  • Series: Xist Dry Dark
  • Finish: Hand Hammered, Raw
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