SlapKlatz Mini Gel Pads 6-Piece Clear Damper Set

Easy to Use Damper Solution for Drums, Percussion and Cymbals, Set Includes 6 Gel Pads (3x 2cm, 2x 3cm and 1x 4cm), Non-Staining, Non-Poisonous, Clear
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SlapKlatz helps you control the sound of your drums by dampening unwanted overtones. With the 6-pack you get the basic gels you need, in order to control a standard 5-piece drum kit: Your snare, your two rack toms as well as your floor tom.  This package contains 3 small, 2 medium and 1 large sized gels, in a small and pocket friendly container.

These SlapKlatz will work on both your batter and bottom heads. You can even use SlapKlatz on top of - or under - your cymbals.

SlapKlatz works great as a bumper too. Just put on a (clear) SlapKlatz at the exposed spot on your drum, and the gel will help you protect the lacquer on your drums against that piece of hardware getting dangerously close by.

SlapKlatz is also great for dampening different percussion instruments - like cowbells and timbales. SlapKlatz are known for their stickiness, which allows for a long list of different applications.

In the package:
3x small (2cm)
2x medium (3cm)
1x large (4cm) gel pads

The 6-pack is available in both Clear and Alien Green.

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