Tech 21 SCP-SB Character Plus Screaming Blonde Effects Pedal

Tech 21
Character Plus Series Screaming Blonde, SansAmp Preamp, Overdrive, Balanced XLR-output, Versatile Controls, 100% Analog Signal Chain, Durable Metal Housing
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Tech 21 Sans Amp Character Plus Series Screaming Blonde offers a 100% analog, 2-channel amp model and an overdrive pedal in a very compact case. Featuring very versatile controls, both of the amp channels are equipped with a Character-control, which gives you multiple amps in one pedal. Both channels also feature independent Volume and Drive-controls and the channels share a 3-band EQ.

The Scream section also has its own level, tone and drive controls. You can also use the Screaming Blondes three footswitches to change the channel of the amp model, switch the drive on and off or bypass the whole pedal.

The Screaming Blonde works great as a stompbox with an amp, as a pre-amp to drive a power amp or as a direct box to a mixer of a PA.

Range of Character Settings
Below 12 o’clock when clean, there’s a soft midrange with a nice top-end sparkle. Driven, the tone moves to a warmer low-end breakup.
Around 12 o’clock brings you into classic American amp territory with more of everything –more lows, more mids and more highs.
Above 12 o’clock offers a pronounced midrange bark.
Full up gives you lead boosted tones.

Independent Scream Section Features
The Scream section of the Screaming blond is modled after a legendary overdrive pedal. You can use the Overdrive pot to adjust the overall amount of drive, which is highly interactive with the level of your guitar. The Tone pot has a specialized voicing for adjusting the high-end and mid-range.

Preamp model, controls: 3-band EQ, Vol A&B, Drive A&B, Char A&B
Scream overdrive, controls: Level, Tone, Drive
Inputs: 1x 6.3mm (1/4”) 1megOhm
Outputs: 1x 6.3mm (1/4”) Low Z universal output, 1x XLR output
Durable metal housing
Metal switches and connections
Noiseless flootswitches

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