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EMG 707TW Humbucker Kitaramikrofoni

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EMG 707TW Humbucker Kitaramikrofoni

125,50 €

Hinta (Tarjous) 100,40 €


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Turun myymälä: Kysy saatavuus
Tukkuvarasto: Varastossa
Aktiivimikrofoni 7-kieliseen sähkökitaraan, Mataliin vireisiin optimoitu, Dual Coil + Single Coil soundit samoissa kuorissa, Alnico magneetit, Toimii talla- ja kaulamikkinä, Helppo asentaa, EMG Solderless Install System, Musta
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If you're using a Low-B String there's no sense in even trying a passive pickup. The 707TW Active Pickup delivers the clearest, fattest low end you've ever felt from a guitar pickup.

The 707 is Alnico Loaded and the coils are summed separately keeping the DC resistance down and doubling the low end frequency response. Translated...that means the low frequency response is more natural sounding. Full, but not muddy.

In addition, the dual-coil section has a wide aperture for plenty of string sampling. The resonance frequency of the dual-coil mode is 2300 Hz.

In the single-coil mode, the pickup resonance switches up to 3900 Hz and operates in a "stack" mode truly resembling a single coil pickup, not a "tapped" humbucker. Still loaded with Alnico, the single coil sound is as pure as it comes.

Dual internal preamps (one tuned for single-coil mode and the other for dual-coil mode) give the 707TW two distinct sounds for two pickups in one, while delivering EMG's well-known low-noise performance in both modes. Only an active pickup can deliver the big tone you'd expect from your 7-string.



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