BOSS NS-1X Noise Suppressor pedaali

NS1X Noise Suppressor, Laadukas dynamiikkaefekti, Kohinanvaimennin, Noise Gate, Helpot säädöt, Älykäs vaimennus, Luonnollinen soundi, Reduction Mode, Gate Mode, Kestävä metallirakenne, Toimii 9VDC virralla tai 9V paristolla
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Powered by advanced BOSS MDP technology, the NS-1X intelligently silences noise without affecting the natural tone and playing feel of your guitar or bass. Reduction mode keeps your rig quiet in any general playing setup, while Gate mode provides ultra-fast performance to ensure that precision, high-gain riffs remain sharp and distinct. Versatile and easy to use, the NS-1X is an essential tool for defeating noise issues while practicing, performing, and recording.

Next-generation noise suppressor and gate for guitar, bass, and other electronic musical instruments
Intelligent BOSS MDP technology eliminates noise with no impact on playing feel or response
Intuitive operation with Threshold, Decay, and Damp knobs
Reduction mode for general noise suppression applications
Gate mode provides ultra-fast noise elimination for tapping, sweep picking, and heavy rhythm styles that rely on high-gain tones
Mute mode for silencing the instrument signal when the pedal switch is engaged (the pedal operates in user-selectable Reduction or Gate mode when the switch is off)
Reduction indicator that dynamically displays the current noise suppression status
Send/return loop for optimized noise elimination with overdrives, distortions, and other noise-producing pedals
DC Out for distributing power to other pedals (requires optional PSA adaptor and PCS-20A parallel cable)

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