MOOER Reverie Chorus PRO Efektipedaali

MOOER Stereo Chorus tap tempolla ja extra mausteilla. mm. Rotary, ambience ja shimmer. Lisäksi useita muita modulaatioefektejä. Viisi muistipaikkaa.
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Reverie Chorus

Reverie Chorus is another Mooer new product. Mooer Twin Series focus on the elegant, professional, adjustable and convenient features. Now we inherit these features in the Chorus effect.

Product Features: Rich combined tones: based on the 5 basal effect modes--- Chorus, Rotary, Ambiance, Shimmer and Multiple, every mode can respectively add 8 kinds of modulated effects (refer to the tone description part). You can add Wah into Chorus effect to get the rolling effect; add Phaser effect into Rotary to get more spacious effect; add Tremolo effect into Ambiance to get more psychedelic effect, etc.

Great range of adjustment: above the chorus knob and modulation knob, there are respectively 3 knobs to control its parameter. RATE、DEPTH、MIX respectively controls the rate, depth and ratio of the chorus effect. And SPEED, RANGE, MOD DEPTH respectively controls the rate, range and depth of the modulated effect. Even using the same basal effects, the great adjustment range can offer you a total different experience through different parameters.

Tone storage function: we prepared 5 tone storage channels for Reverie Chorus. You can store your favorite and common tones, which is convenient for your use. When you’ve compiled a tone, push down the Store knob, at the same time the Preset indicator light will be flashing, choose a place to store the tone through the two footswitches on the left and right, and then push the Store knob again. When not in the preset status, you can push down Tap Tempo and Bypass footswitches at the same time, then at the preset mode. The preset indicator light will show you the location of the preset tone. The preset tone would switchover from left to right by pushing down the combined footswitches timely. Push down the combined footswitches for a long time to get out of preset mode.

Stereo input and output: Reverie Chorus has the stereo input and output, which is convenient to connect stereo equipments and get professional stereo effects.

Tap Tempo: Tap Tempo footswitch could easily keep effect sound at the same rate with the played sound. When modulating the Tremolo and Stutter, put down the Tap Tempo footswitch, and spin the Range/Tone knob to adjust the tone of effects.

Rate change function: by adjusting the Relation/Vaviable knob, you can get the rate change from 1 to 8 of the effect sound, which is a new experience like speed up. You can try to create special sound by adding different rate relation into your music.

Tones Description Chorus

Chorus: standard digital chorus effect, clear and round.

Rotary: classic rotary sound, output by dual track, will give you the special 3D experience.

Ambiance: the atmosphere of chorus, with light chorus effect, is more exquisite and more spacious.

Shimmer: adding shimmer effect to chorus, more fits for the edgy music style like psychedelic rock.

Multiple: multiple chorus effects repeatedly overlays multi-chorus, which makes the chorus effects richer.

Modulation Wah: add wah effect

Phaser: add phaser effect

Talk: add vocal wah effect

Tremolo: add tremolo effect

Stutter: add square tremolo effect

St.Wah: the overlap about the square tremolo and wah tone

St.Phaser: the overlap with square tremolo and phaser effect

Tr.Talk: the overlap with tremolo effect and wah effect


By using a high performance floating-point DSP chip, no tone loss is ensured. Five chorus modes – each can be mixed with eight different modulation tones. Preset function, able to preset 5 favorite chorus sounds, easy to store Special speed change function could adjust the complicated rhythmic pattern. Twin switch design ensures convenient tone switching during live performances. Tap tempo button, makes it easier to adjust the chorus speed Two-channel stereo for input and output connectors.


  • Input: Two jacks (impedance: 1Meg Ohms)
  • Output: Two jacks (impedance: 100 Ohms)
  • Sampling rate: 44.1k Sampling precision: 32bit
  • Power requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug), recommended to use Mooer Micro Power.
  • Current Draw: 130mA
  • Dimensions: 106mm(D) x96mm(W) x53mm(H) Weight: 450g