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Spark Mini 10W älykäs ja kompakti stereovahvistin sähkökitaralle, akustiselle ja bassolle, Ladattava akku, Iso ja täyteläinen soundi, BIAS tone engine, 33 vahvistinmallinnusta, 43 efektiä, Tekoälytaustabändi, Langaton musiikin striimaus Bluetoothin kautta, Lataa, luo ja jaa muistipaikkoja ToneCloudilla, Musiikkikappaleiden sointuanalyysi, Harjoittelu- ja opetustoiminnot, Helppo käyttää, Toimii USB-äänikorttina, Viritysmittari, Tap Tempo, Kuulokeulostulo, Aux-sisääntulo, Kantohihna, Musta

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Spark MINI — Smart Guitar Amp & Bluetooth® Speaker: Small is the new powerful.

A mind-blowing portable powerhouse, Spark MINI delivers innovative smart guitar playing to go. With multi-dimensional high-quality sound, all-new Smart Jam, video creation, and Bluetooth® audio streaming, it’s the biggest smallest rig ever.

All-New Smart Jam Live: Next gen jam-along interactive fun.
Start playing and Spark MINI learns your style in an instant. Then it builds an authentic, hyper-realistic bass and drum backing track around you on the fly. Keep the jam going anywhere with real-time intuitive advanced AI technology.

Bluetooth® Speaker: Seamless listening everywhere.
Stream your favorite music from your computer or mobile device. Sit back and listen or pick up your guitar and play along. It’s an unmatched, take anywhere full spectrum audio sweet spot.

All-Day Battery Power: Play more. Charge less.
Turn any space into your own personal gig space. A full on guitar amp in a weight class of its own, Spark MINI fits anywhere. And with rechargeable battery power, you can listen or play all day without missing a beat. USB rechargeable. Up to 8 hours of play.

50K+ Tones: A massive, ever-growing tone library.
We’ve harnessed a decade of guitar modeling knowhow to create hyper-realistic guitar amps and effects, powered by our award-winning BIAS tone engine. Spark MINI includes access to ToneCloud, an ever-growing library of presets created by guitarists worldwide.

Learn More. Faster: Automatically display chords for millions of songs.
Whatever song you want to learn, Spark MINI’s smart app automatically displays its guitar chords in real time as you play. Loop a tricky section. Slow down the tempo. Easy, intuitive controls make it a piece of cake.

Unbelievable Sound: Full, detailed tone..
Don’t let its size fool you. Precision-engineered acoustics deliver incredible clarity and depth, defying all expectations for a speaker this small.

Home Recording: USB audio interface and line out.
Make Spark MINI part of your own compact recording studio. Simply connect to your computer to record using the included PreSonus Studio One, or any DAW software or platform. Our Smart Out lets you choose between headphone or line out for versatile listening.

Electric, Acoustic, or Bass: All guitars welcome.
Not just an electric guitar amp, Spark also comes with amp models and effects for bass and acoustic guitars, making it your go-to amp for every instrument.

Compact amp with big, full, omnidirectional sound
Pristine Bluetooth® audio streaming
Long life rechargeable battery
Simple, easy on board controls
Easy recording with included USB interface
4 onboard presets with thousands more
Great for electric, acoustic and bass (really!)
Full integration with the included Spark app:
   ● Smart Jam Live - All new smart groove detection and multiple backing options
   ● Auto Chords - Learn millions of songs
   ● Huge library of amps, effects and pedals
   ● Custom EQ scenarios tailored to use
Plus: Built in tuner, tap tempo, headphone out & more

POWER AMPLIFIERS: 10 Watt Class D Amplifier
SPEAKERS: Two - 2" Custom Designed Speakers, One - Passive radiator
MAINS INPUT POWER: DC 5V, 2A. Compatible with most mobile USB-C chargers
BATTERY TYPE: Built-in 3,000 mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
PLAY TIME: Up to 8 hours (on mid volume or lower)
TOP PANEL CONTROLS: Four Programmable Preset Selector, Guitar Channel Volume, Music Channel Volume
REAR PANEL: Power Button, Pair / Tuner Button
ONBOARD EFFECTS: 33 Amp Models, 43 Effects (Noise Gate, Compressor, Distortion, Modulation/EQ, Delay, Reverb)
WIRED CONNECTIVITY: 1/4" Guitar Input, 1/8" Aux Input, 1/8" Headphone
USB AUDIO: USB Interface for Recording, 1 In x 2 Out, Sample Rate: 44.1kHz, Bit Depth: 16, Compatible with MacOS and Windows
BOX CONTENTS: Spark MINI Amplifier, Carrying Strap, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Safety Instructions
DIMENSIONS: 146.5 x 123 x 165 mm
WEIGHT: 1.5 kg
COVERING: Black Textured Vinyl
GRILLE CLOTH: Custom Black/Brown
HANDLE: Reversible Leather Handle
MOBILE APPS: Spark App for iOS and Android
INCLUDED SOFTWARE: Includes a free download of, PreSonus Studio One Prime, recording software.

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