Audix F2 Dynaaminen instrumenttimikrofoni

Audix F-2, Fusion Series instrumenttimikki esim. rummuille ja puhaltimille, Hyperkardioidi suuntakuvio, Taajuusvaste 52Hz-15kHz, Räkkitomit, Lattiatomit, Congat, Kitarakaapit, Bassokaapit, Saksofonit, Vaskipuhaltimet ym.
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Audix f2 dynamic instrument microphone is best used for miking instruments requiring mid-bass and mid-high reproduction in live and studio applications. Its hypercardioid pick-up pattern helps to minimize feedback and isolate the instrument from ambient sound coming from the room or other instruments on stage.

Low impedance and balanced output on the f2 allow interference-free performance. Compact and durable, the f2 hypercardioid instrument microphone features a cast zinc alloy body, steel mesh grill and gold plated XLR connector.


  • Live Stage, studio
  • Rack toms, floor toms
  • Congas, djembe
  • Guitar and bass cabs
  • Brass