Mission Engineering VM-PRO Black Volumepedaali

VM-PRO, Huipputason Mission Engineering volumepedaali, Valmistettu USA:ssa, Ei syö äänenlaatua, Sopii kitaroille, bassoille, kosketinsoittimille ja instumenttimikrofoneille, Sopii aktiivi- ja passiivimikeille, Erittäin sulavat volume-swellit, Laadukkaat bufferit, Eristetty viritysmittariulostulo, Sparkle-kytkin korostaa ylätaajuuksia, Erilliset kytkimet yhteensopivuudelle eri mikrofonien ja laitteiden kanssa, Piezo-mikeille tarkoitettu PZ-versio saatavana erikseen

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Mission Engineering VM-PRO – The Most Sophisticated Volume Pedal Ever Made

The VM-PRO resolves many of the common issues with volume pedals that cause tone sucking and mismatching problems. The VM-PRO works with electric, electro-acoustic, baritone or bass guitars. It also works with many other acoustic and electric instruments including electronic keyboards, steel guitars, and instrument microphones such as harmonica and horn mics.

Mission Ultrasweep™ volume control technology is designed for exceptionally smooth volume swells. Essential for certain styles of music such as ambient and P&W, Ultrasweep is unique to the Mission VM-PRO using a combination of custom potentiometer design and proaudio preamps to ensure perfect volume control for any instrument and any style.

VM-PRO includes on board buffers, isolated tuner out, sparkle control, and compatibility switches for use with active and passive pickups and fuzz pedals. The separate PZ version provides a 10M ohm impedance for use with passive Piezo pickups.

Switch 1: Active/Passive switch. Default ON (passive). This switch should be left on for most passive (un-powered) guitar pick-ups. If using active, or very hot pickups, the internal amplifier in the VM-PRO™ may be driven into distortion. If this occurs, set SW1 to OFF for active pickups.
Switch 2: Sparkle switch. Default OFF (flat). When turned on, the high frequency response at low volumes is increased adding some sparkle to the tone.
Switch 3: Impedance switch. Default ON (normal). This switch should be left on for most applications. If connecting the output of the VM-PRO™ directly to the input of a vintage fuzz or similar sensitive input, this switch can be set OFF to better match the impedance of the effect input.

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