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SA272, Innovatiivinen täysin analoginen etuaste & DI, Helpot säädöt, Äärimmäisen matala kohinataso, Laaja dynaaminen vaste, Monikäyttöinen, Laadukkaat Burr-Brown Op-Ampit, Tehokas 2-alueinen EQ, Output-säätö, Grit-kytkin tarjoaa luonnollista putkimaista säröä, Gain-säätö pedaalin kyljessä, Scoop-kytkin leikkaa mutaiset keskitaajuudet, Focus-säätö selkeyttää alataajuudet, XLR-ulostulo, Ground Lift, Kuulokeliitäntä, Anodisoitu harjattu alumiini, 9VDC
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Expertly engineered with a deep passion for monster bass tones, the ZIO Analog Bass Preamp + DI packs massive punch and flexibility in a compact and easy-to-dial-in pedal. This ultra-low noise, all-analog tone shaping tool works equally well in front of your amplifier or as a preamp/direct box via its balanced XLR output. High-quality Burr-Brown Op-Amps and a simple yet powerful set of equalization, gain, and tone coloring controls deliver a rich and dynamic tones with plenty of headroom and maximum tweakability. From warm, vintage tones to modern, punchy sounds, ZIO is the first and final step to elevating your bass to its rightful place in the mix.

Total Tone Control
The ZIO Analog Bass Preamp + DI features a perfectly executed and  intuitive set of tone controls to take your bass sound wherever it needs to go.  When used in tandem, the BASS and FOCUS knobs offer tremendous depth and power. The BASS knob provides colossal low-end boost at around 100Hz, while also gently reducing muddy low-mids to retain clarity. The FOCUS knob sweeps the cut-off point of a high-pass filter to tame excessive sub bass and low bass frequencies, providing extra headroom for a concise and punchy sound. Boost or cut the highs with the TREBLE knob to either enhance articulation without adding harshness, or smooth attack transients for a softer approach. The OUTPUT knob offers up to +16db of overall boost above unity gain or up to -6db of cut. Whatever your bass model and musical genre, ZIO offers a huge range to tones.

Natural Drive
The GRIT toggle captures the magic of transformer-style breakup, the tone that occurs when a vintage tube amp gets pushed to overdrive. Adjust the amount of grit with a "set-it-and-forget-it” GAIN control located on the side of the pedal. It's not a fuzz, it's a natural crunch that adds just enough overdrive to lift your bass tone to a new level of aggression.

Punch & Clarity
Based on a time-honored studio maneuver, the SCOOP toggle engages an EQ curve based on the famous "Pultec Trick" (used by studio engineers from the 1950s right through today). Activating SCOOP mode triggers a low-mid cut to remove "mud" frequencies, a gentle presence boost in the upper midrange, and a natural-sounding high pass filter, to reduce low frequency rumble. It's a more "polished" sound to establish your bass more clearly in the mix.

Direct Impact
Enjoy the natural characteristics of a high-end bass amplifier when connected directly to a front-of-house mixer or audio interface. ZIO's DIRECT OUT is a balanced XLR output with a ground LIFT switch that delivers a low-noise, yet amp-like signal, equally effective in the studio or on stage. The inclusion of a standard 1/4 output allows for a parallel signal running directly to a pedalboard or the front of your bass amp.

A Higher Quality OP-Amp
After bench-testing about half a dozen classic and popular op-amp chips spanning back to the 1970s, we selected the Burr Brown OPA1656 for its pure tonality, dynamic range, frequency response, and overall feel.  Its rail to rail output with a higher current capability delivers unmatched transparency and headroom. This 8-legged OPA chip was the perfect match for the ZIO's mission of delivering supreme amp-like bass tone in a compact housing.

Ultra-low noise and distortion preamp
+/- 12V high voltage internal rails for active and passive basses (note: Bass ZIO runs on a 9V power supply)
Full tone-shaping control set with FOCUS high-pass filter
GRIT and SCOOP modes for added tonal character options
XLR Direct Output with optional ground lift
True Bypass
Headphone output for direct monitoring
Output Power consumption: 200mA
Brushed anodized aluminum housing
​Includes 9V power supply
Dimensions: L: 114 mm x W: 114 mm x H: 51 mm (including knobs)
Weight: 0,45 kg

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