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    Seymour Duncan Antiquity JB Kitaramikrofoni

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    Seymour Duncan Antiquity JB Kitaramikrofoni
    215,60 €


    Myymälä: Kysy saatavuus
    Tukku: Kysy saatavuus
    11014-13-B, Humbucker-tallamikrofoni, Musta, Ei kuorta
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    A vintage take on our original hot rodded humbucker, it gives you all of the classic midrange with a slightly sweetened treble response.

    The Antiquity JB delivers rich harmonics, and a balance of sustain, distortion, and clarity, sweetened by the mellowing effect of a custom aged alnico 5 bar magnet and years of simulated sweat, dust, and oxidation. Wound to the original spec of 16.4k, that familiar JB upper midrange is all there, but the overall tonal character feels smoother because of the way the treble attack is softened by the aging process.

    Each Antiquity JB humbucker is hand built with the same original materials that we used to make them in the 70s, including long legged nickel silver bottom plate, maple spacer, original JB model stamp, rough sand cast alnico 5 bar magnet, heavily aged butyrate bobbins, and vintage style push-back braided single conductor lead wire. The electronic and cosmetic treatments of our proprietary Antiquity aging process give this pickup the look, sound, and feel of a real-deal 70s JB.



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