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EMG T Set Kitaramikrofonisetti

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EMG T Set Kitaramikrofonisetti
152,40 €


Helsingin myymälä: Varastossa
Turun myymälä: Kysy saatavuus
Tukkuvarasto: Varastossa
Sähkökitaran aktiivimikki-setti, Alnico V, Telecaster-tyyppisiin kitaroihin, Musta
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The T set is our direct replacement system for Telecasters™ that will make any player wonder why they didn’t make the switch before now. What distinguishes the EMG T set is the pure beefy twang that you get from the bridge pickup (RT), and the complimentary clarity and warmth of the neck pickup (FT), all with ultra quiet operation. To get this great range of tonal characteristics, we designed both these pickups with Alnico magnets and custom engineered coil size and windings which give a fullness and broader bandwidth that Tele pickups never had before. All of this combines to give you a tone that is incredibly well balanced; rich and sweet on the bottom, and a top end that shimmers with just enough bite. Whether you want that hard-edged blues rock Tele™ sound, or beautiful vintage clean Tele™ twang, you can get it all with this set.

Package Includes: Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System; split shaft volume/tone control set, output jack, battery clip set, screws & springs.



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