Ashly Protea Model 4.24RD

Protea System II Full Function Graphic Equalizer Remote Control, Kauko-ohjain Protea-järjestelmän taajuuskorjaimelle
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The 4.24RD is a full-function remote controller used to facilitate changes to the 4.24G, 4.24GS and 2.24GS via two standard mic cables. Cable length can be up to 1000 feet. The control buttons and display are an exact replica of the front panel of the 4.24G, allowing you to program either the main unit or slaves from a remote location. When multiples of the processing units are used in a system, up to sixteen channels of processing may be controlled by the remote. A meter display lets you monitor your compressor output level and gain reduction, allowing quick and easy adjustments.

The best live sound application for the remote is to EQ individual monitors on-location without having to repeatedly return to the processor to make adjustments. For a fixed installation using the 4.24GS or 2.24GS slaves, the 4.24RD remote may be temporarily used to set up all EQ curves and processing parameters, and then removing the 4.24RD assures complete tamperproof operation.

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