EMG HA White Kitaramikrofoni

Hurinaton yksikelainen aktiivimikki humbucker-kokoisena mallina, Alnico magneetti, Laaja taajuusvaste, Lämmin ja rikas soundi, Helppo asentaa, EMG Solderless Install System, Valkoinen
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94,70 €

The HA pickup is EMG's original single-coil pickup design in a humbucker housing.

The HA has the same noiseless operation and clarity as its single coil brother which debuted in 1974. Featuring an Alnico magnet, this pickup provides the widest possible frequency response for clarity, warmth and a rich blend of harmonics.

This pickup is an excellent choice for the rhythm guitarist who needs added definition for chording, or for lead work when the bright attack of a single coil pickup is desired.

The solderless installation makes this pickup easy to install at home.

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