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SEYMOUR DUNCAN SMB-5S bassomikrofoni

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SEYMOUR DUNCAN SMB-5S bassomikrofoni

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Music Man Ceramic Magnet, 5 -kielinen, 3-alueinen sävynsäätö, 4 pot., (11402-35)
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Hotter pickup. Recommended for classic rock, heavy rock, funk, punk, R&B, and metal.

This hum-canceling pickup offers a balanced, highly musical tone contour with a richly articulated bottom, lots of midrange, and biting treble. It's got a nice, mild "bark" without being overly brash, and it's not at all harsh in the mid-range. The low end is full and strong without being mushy or foggy.

complete setup
Generally used together with STC-3M3 and -3M4 Tone Circuits for optimal tonal control.

Replacement for 4-string Music Man® StingRay® basses from 1976 to present and for 5-string Music Man StingRay basses up to 1992. For post-'92 5-string basses, see three-coil version.

Chopper Anderson / Reba McIntire, David Bronze / Eric Clapton, Marcelo Dias / Soulfly & ABLOOM, Pete Chilton / Bane, Markku Lappalainen / Hoobastank, Kelly Le Mieux / Goldfinger



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