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TECH 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI Deluxe

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TECH 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI Deluxe

326,00 €

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Helsingin myymälä: Varastossa
Turun myymälä: Varastossa
Tukkuvarasto: Varastossa
Bass Driver DI-Deluxe, Huippulaadukas bassoetuaste ja DI-boksi, Pro-tason livetyökalu, Ohjelmoitava efektilenkki, 2 sisääntuloa, 6 presettiä, 100% analoginen signaaliketju, Tuner Out, 9V
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For bassists who like to switch it up on stage, the SansAmp Bass Driver Deluxe is the ultimate live tool for the bass-hopping, preset-stomping player. The Deluxe is all about fast delivery of monster Tech 21 bass tones in the fray of a live performance. Dual inputs enable two instruments to be on-line and ready to go with a pop-free selector. You can program three custom tones for each input, or use all six for a single instrument. You can also program the FX loop to engage your favorite effect with a particular setting and the Deluxe will bring it every time that preset is selected.

The fat, funky tones of the SansAmp Bass Driver series are legendary. With an all-analog signal path, two inputs, six presets, a programmable effect loop, and parallel/tuner out, the stage-optimized Deluxe is all that with cheese and pickles.


  • Take a SansAmp Bass Driver into the studio and plug directly Into the board for premium tones without miking.
  • Gig with a SansAmp Bass Driver running it directly through the house PA without using a separate amp.
  • Set-up with a SansAmp Bass Driver, power amp and speaker cabinet, and simultaneously run directly through the house PA for planet-dominating sound.
  • All are operable with a 9V alkaline battery, optional Tech 21 DC2 power supply, and via phantom power.



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