AUDIX VX10 kondensaattorimikrofoni

Audix VX-10, Ammattitason kondensaattorimikki live- ja studiokäyttöön, Taajuusvaste 40Hz-20kHz, Sisäänrakennettu popfiltteri, Herkkä mikkikapseli kardioidi-suuntakuviolla, Musta
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Audix VX10 condenser vocal microphone was designed to set new performance standards for live sound and broadcast applications. With a uniformly controlled frequency response from 40 Hz - 20 kHz, the VX10 is highly sensitive to transient response and will reproduce vocals and speech with exceptional detail and realism.

The VX10 has a cardioid polar pattern which helps isolate vocals. This mic includes a 21 mm gold vapor capsule and a multi-stage internal pop filter. It is also available in a low output model (VX10LO) for greater control with loud stage volumes or extremely powerful vocalists.

Aside from vocals, the VX10 cardioid condenser microphone will capture acoustic instruments such as guitars, woodwinds, brasses, percussion toys, drum overheads, hi-hats and pianos.


  • Live and studio
  • Lead and backing vocals
  • Speech
  • Acoustic instruments
  • On air announce mic
  • Live broadcasts
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