Seymour Duncan 70/74 Jazz Bass Set 5-Strg Basson mikrofonisetti

Seymour Duncan
11402-28, SJB5S-70/74 Jazz Bass Passive Single Coil Set, 5-String, 70-74mm exposed poles, Laadukas mikkisetti 5-kielisiin Jazz Bass -malleihin, Musta
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Traditional single coil pickup for 5-string. Excellent for country, pop, blues, and classic rock

This pickup captures the tone, feel and articulation of a great '62 Jazz Bass. We adjusted the coil geometry and winding configuration to compensate for the different nature of extended range instruments. It's now possible to capture the subtle characteristics of traditional "J-tone" all the way down to the low "B." Includes logo cover.

complete setup
Calibrated neck and bridge set. Comes in two popular string spacings: 67 mm neck with 70 mm bridge, and 70 mm neck with 74 mm bridge. Often used together with STC-2 or -3 Tone Circuits for optimal tonal control.

The 67/70 version is a direct retrofit for Fender® Jazz V basses. The 70/74 fits many popular 5-string basses.

Tad Kinchla / Blues Traveler, Hugh McDonald / Bon Jovi


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