Bass Amps & Speaker Cabs

Bass amplifiers for home, live and studio use. Beginner models, pro gear and everything in between. We recommend Markbass amplifiers & cabinets since they have the best weight-to-power ratio on the market with very affordable prices!

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  1. MARKBASS CMB 121 Black Line Bass Amplifier
    SEK 4,648.43
    In stock
  2. MARKBASS CMB 101 Black Line Bass Amplifier
    SEK 2,908.07
    In stock
  3. Markbass Minimark 802 N 300 Bass Amplifier
    SEK 8,398.61
    Ask for availability
  4. BOSS Dual Cube Bass LX Bass Amplifier
    SEK 4,165.62
    In stock
  5. MARKBASS MB58R CMD 121 Pure Bass Amplifier
    SEK 12,901.07
    In stock
  6. MARKBASS MB58R CMD 102 Pure Bass Amplifier
    SEK 13,406.34
    In stock
  7. MARKBASS MB58R CMD 121 P Bass Amplifier
    SEK 8,971.24
    In stock
  8. MARKBASS MB58R CMD 121 P Bass Amplifier
    SEK 9,790.90
    In stock
  9. MARKBASS MB58R CMD 102 P Bass Amplifier
    SEK 11,160.72
    In stock
  10. Markbass MB58R 121 Pure 8 Ohm Bass Cabinet
    SEK 6,983.87
    Ask for availability
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