Rockboard offers affordable and durable pedalboards in all sizes, with a flight case or a handy gig bag.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest Rockboard reseller in Finland.

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  1. RockBoard Quad 4.1 Gig Bag Pedalboard
    SEK 1,546.55
    In stock
  2. RockBoard Bender 75mm Flat Connector
    SEK 45.83
    In stock
  3. RockBoard F60 Flat Patch Cable 60cm
    SEK 76.75
    In stock
  4. RockBoard F30 Flat Patch Cable 30cm
    SEK 68.74
    In stock
  5. RockBoard Velcro 600 cm
    SEK 192.46
    In stock
  6. RockBoard Flat MIDI Cable 100cm
    SEK 43.53
    In stock
  7. RockBoard Flat MIDI Cable 60cm
    SEK 36.66
    In stock
  8. RockBoard Flat MIDI Cable 30cm
    SEK 49.26
    In stock
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