Very popular Loota Percussion Cajon sets, hardware and drum pedals. Wide selection of handmade Istanbul cymbals with lots of sounds for different music genres. A wide selection of Regal Tip drumsticks and brushes.

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  1. Stagg SHTI Timbale Sticks
    SEK 56.52
    In stock
  2. Bliss 721 Castanet Pair
    SEK 102.86
    In stock
  3. Bliss 731 Mini Cymbals
    SEK 111.91
    In stock
  4. Bliss 714 Tone Block
    SEK 226.08
    In stock
  5. Bliss 73320 Triangle 20cm
    SEK 157.13
    In stock
  6. Stagg CB305BK Rock Cowbell 5.5"
    SEK 231.72
    Ask for availability
  7. Stagg 13I-HP Wing Nut 8 mm 3-pack
    SEK 106.26
    In stock
  8. Stagg DPR-CYS830 Cymbal Sleeve
    SEK 16.96
    In stock
  9. Stagg PPD-52 Bass Drum Double Pedal
    SEK 2,554.65
    In stock
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