Admira Spanish Guitars is a manufacturer of Spanish classical nylon-string guitars, established in 1944. All the guitars (excluding the Alba and Sara series) are handmade in Spain. Their most popular models are Paloma, Malaga, Maria and the 1/2 scale Infante model for children.

Musamaailma is the authorized distributor and largest reseller of Admira Spanish Guitars in Finland.

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  1. Admira A1 Classical Guitar
    SEK 4,631.38
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  2. Admira A15EF Electric-Acoustic Classical Guitar
    SEK 11,516.46
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  3. Admira A40 Classical Guitar
    SEK 11,888.33
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  4. Admira A20 Classical Guitar
    SEK 15,381.58
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  5. Admira Alba 3/4 Satin Classical Guitar
    SEK 1,983.27
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  6. Admira Sara EC Classical Guitar
    SEK 2,805.87
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  7. Admira Malaga EC Classical Guitar
    SEK 5,668.08
    In stock
  8. Admira Malaga E Classical Guitar
    SEK 5,442.71
    In stock
  9. Admira Sara Classical Guitar
    SEK 2,118.49
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  10. Admira A2 Classical Guitar
    SEK 5,476.52
    In stock
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