Cables & Wireless Systems

Use a high quality cable to reduce noise. Patch cables for pedals and speaker cables to go between your amp and cabinet.

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  1. Positive Grid Spark LINK Wireless System
    SEK 1,738.19
    Ask for availability
  2. Stagg Speaker Cable Speakon, 6m
    SEK 303.31
    In stock
  3. Stagg Speaker Cable Speakon, 2m
    SEK 197.15
    In stock
  4. Stagg Speaker Cable Speakon-Plug, 2m
    SEK 184.31
    In stock
  5. SHURE GLXD16+ Wireless System for Guitar, Band E-Z4
    SEK 6,976.09
    Ask for availability
  6. BOSS WL-20 Guitar Wireless System
    SEK 2,636.45
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  7. BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System
    SEK 4,047.99
    Ask for availability
  8. Rockboard TRS15 Flat Cable 15cm
    SEK 90.99
    In stock
  9. Rockboard TRS30 Flat Cable 30cm
    SEK 103.82
    In stock
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